Conversation room

​Conversation Room, Aalto University 15.09.-20.12.2016

In the autumn of 2016 nynnyt hosted a series of conversations in the ​​Conversation Room, a sound sculpture created by artist Ariel Bustamante and a working group during Bustamante’s residency at Aalto University in 2015. The sculpture was located at Kampintori square, Helsinki, where it engaged its makers and publics in conversations around the question Why Do We Do the Things We Do?.

Nynnyt used the space and methods of the Conversation Room–situated now at the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University– with an aim to form and practice a space of togetherness in the middle of a multidisciplinary, multilingual, multinational and multi-opinionated site of learning. The conversation programme produced by nynnyt was concentrated on the original idea of the sculpture and its use: on coming together in order to listen and to share.    photo of sculpture: Why Do We Do The Things We Do / Ariel Bustamante