part 8: Tuplajulkaisu: Titanik 2018 / Kohti yhdenvertaista taiteen kenttää

In 2018 we (nynnyt) were asked to edit & produce Titanik gallery‘s yearly catalogue. We made it a double feature with one part that introduces the gallery’s exhibition programme and one that talks about how the Finnish art field could move towards an equal existence.

The exhibition programme is featured as a series of excerpts from conversations between us and the artists exhibiting in Titanik in 2018.

The second part, called Kohti yhdenvertaista taiteen kenttää (in English: Towards an equal art field) includes two previously published essays that nynnyt felt important to be re-printed in this context: an essay about art field white washing by Mona Eid, Executive Editor of Ruskeat Tytöt media; and a text by artist Rosalie Schweiker that compares the relationship between artists and art organisations to one of two people having sex called ‘No more fake orgasms: stop boosting the art world’s self-esteem’. In addition to the essays the publication introduces some practical guidelines to feminist curating from nynnyt.