Selina Väliheikki
currently based in Helsinki, Finland

Master of Arts, Aalto university, School of Art, Design & Architecture, 2015
CuMMA: Curating, Managing & Mediating Art – Master’s Programme

Master of Arts, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, 2014
Major in Textile Design, Minor in Art History

nynnyt: What Can Feminism Do? an ongoing series of events and investigations,
together with Hanna Ohtonen, 2014 –
nynnyt: Mustarinda 2018: If I change something, what is being moved? group exhibition curated by nynnyt, 14.6.- 12.8.2018, Mustarinda house, Hyrynsalmi, Finland.
nynnyt: Between a rock and a hard place there is softness, group exhibition curated by nynnyt, 11.-28.1.2018, Titanik-gallery, Turku, Finland.
nynnyt: Conversation Room, autumn 2016, Aalto university, Espoo, Finland.
nynnyt: Museum of Nonhumanity, curating and organising the school programme, autumn 2016

Mustarinda Summer Art Camp, Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, summers 2016-2018. Together with Michaela Casková, Matti Niinimäki & Riitta Nykänen.
Table of Contents exhibition, Eerikinkatu, Helsinki, March 2015
The Burning & the Romance – a scent installation by Chow Yik, Third Space, Helsinki, 19. – 24.8.2014
Marjukan Uni -exhibition, Kruununhaka, Helsinki, 14.6.2014
Hiitola – Matti Niinimäki´s interactive installation & workshop, 9. – 13.4.2014, Black Box -gallery, Lasipalatsi square, as a part of AAVE Festival.Together with Hanna Ohtonen & Iida Jääskeläinen
AYE / NAYE / ABSENT – a collection of realities, EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, 13.11.2013 – 2.3.2014. In collaboration with CuMMA -programme.
Node gallery, 2012 – 2014, Aalto university, School of Art, Design & Architecture, Helsinki. Coordinating & producing the programme for exhibitions & events together with Hanna Ohtonen & Iida Jääskeläinen.
Galleria Koti, summer 2012, small gallery in a private home in Rovaniemi, Finland. Together with Jukka Kiistala
New Year in Kiasma, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, December 2011

Study Coordinator, The Academy of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Helsinki, 2016-2017
Artwork assistant, Ariel Bustamante: “Why Do We Do The Things We Do?”, Helsinki 1.-31.10.2015
Production Assistant, IHME Contemporary Art Festival, Pro Arte Foundation, Helsinki, 7.1. – 19.4.2013
Project Assistant, Christian Boltanski’s “Heart Archive” IHME Contemporary Art Festival, Rovaniemi, 5.3. 2012 – 3.4. 2012
Project Coordinator, Public Programmes, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, 15.8. – 15.11.2011

nynnyt: In waves, intensive residency of feminist curating, Hanaholmen, Espoo, Finland. 26.-30.11.2018

nynnyt: reading group, ongoing, started in autumn 2017-
nynnyt: retreat of feminist curating, Villa Salin, Helsinki, Finland, April 2018
nynnyt: Constellations group show, curated by Fergus Feehily, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland. November 2017,
nynnyt: Discussing fear together with Hilla & Inari -podcast duo, Galleri Kobra, Karjaa, Finland, September 2017
nynnyt: Walking in Her Shoes guided walk, as part of Patsastellaan event series curated by James Prevett, Helsinki, Finland, August 2017
nynnyt: Kuka täällä puhuu?/Who is talking here? Nordiska Nätter, Hanaholmen, Espoo Finland, June 2017
nynnyt: What is it like to be a nynny?/Mitä on olla nynny?, Titanik gallery, Turku Finland, June 2017
nynnyt: Truth about Finland, group exhibition curated by Porin Kulttuurisäätö, Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland, June 2017
nynnyt: Experiment no 8: Future archaeologies workshop, Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland, June 2017
nynnyt: Gallery Education Workshop, Gallery training, FRAME Finland, January 2015.
nynnyt: Design Curating Now seminar, commentary speech Helsinki Design Week 2014
nynnyt: Grey cube talks discussion serie, Grey Cube Galleries, Korkeasaari Zoo, Helsinki. Summer 2014

Hourly based teacher, DIY -making one’s own place, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Helsinki, April 2018.
Remembering Silences , part of the editorial team, series of events curated by Ahmed Al-Nawas for Checkpoint Helsinki, 2015-2016
Mänttä XX Art Festival , Mänttä, Finland, summer 2015. Together with Third Space collective.
Why do we need art exhibitions? Finnish Artist Association’s seminar, Kunsthall Helsinki, 2014. Commentary together with Ahmed Al-Nawas.

Artist + Curator in residence, Santun talo, Keuruu Art Museum, Keuruu Finland, September 2018
Curator residency, Titanik gallery, Turku, Finland, June 2017
Research residency, Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, Finland, March 2015

nynnyt: Työstä joka liikuttaa, EDIT-media, published 12.2.2018
nynnyt: Titanik 2018 / Kohti yhdenvertaista taiteen kenttää, double publication for Titanik gallery, 2018
nynnyt: two commentaries in Finnish art magazine Taide, 2017.
nynnyt: Letters, Truth About Finland, exhibition catalogue 2017. Porin Kulttuurisäätö.

Field tripping: crossing ruptures, straying in pathways, passing thresholds – searching for a way in and
out in curatorial positioning, 2015. Master’s Thesis, Aalto University.
CuMMA Papers #11: Never Underestimate the Institution, 2014
Together  with Helena Björk & Laura Kokkonen.
Soul in Helsinki, exhibition catalogue for Taideko, 2013
CuMMA Papers #5: Art of Encounters – an interview with the group H.A.R.T.A, 2013.Together with Helena Björk & Hanna Ohtonen.
Riisuttua Reidaria – puupiirroksia ja muuta taidegrafiikkaa. Article in exhibition catalogue: Harvoin Lempeä tuuli puhaltaa arktisille jängille. Rovaniemi Art Museum & Lapland University Press, 2012.
Romuna tekstiilistä: Tekstiiliromu-kollektiivi työstää jätetekstiileistä taidetta materiaalin ehdoilla, JÄNKÄ magazine 2/2009. Together with Marjaana Hietaniemi