Table of Contents

exhibition at the Transitional Table, Helsinki 23. – 26.4.2015
Artists: Jenny Moore, Nathalie Rias, Erik Solin
Curator: Selina Väliheikki
Photography: Jukka Kiistala

The exhibition was a speculation on the possible meanings of the words ‘table’ and ‘content’. It looked at the table as a gathering, a surface on which objects and subjects can be placed on, and at the same time it examined the constitution of exhibiting practices.The act of laying something on the table can be seen as an aspiration towards making something known, public and open for discussion. What was brought to the table this time, were the possible meanings of the word ‘content’.

What is the difference between having content and being content?
If content is seen as substance or material that is included into a certain entity, what then is an exhibition, an artwork or a person that is lacking the content?Is it empty?
And if being content is same as being satisfied, what then is this unsettling condition of always wanting more?

In Table of Contents, each member of the working group brought something to the table.

Jenny Moore set up her travelling studio and broadcasted a radio show from the exhibition reflecting the topics of happiness, expectations, abilities and misunderstandings.

Erik Solin viewed the table as a territory for recollection.

During the process the tables were occasionally turned as Nathalie Rias offered the curator Selina Väliheikki five sessions of professional coaching on what it is to be a curator.

Jenny Moore
Title: Contents
Year: 2015
Technique: Performance
On the table: Smudgestick
Artist’s website:
To listen the radioshow & the opening performance:
hereHer work:
The table props up the host’s travelling radio studio for an in­-between broadcast of her show “You can’t win them all, ladies and gentlemen”. Happiness, Expectations, Misunderstandings, Quality.
The table as grey area for the working process.Bio:
Canadian artist and musician based in London. She makes live events and installations where sculpture and performance meet, using music and comedy as way of exploring the ‘now’, and collaboration as a way of making the ‘now’ happen. She plays in the all­female, all­drum band Charismatic Megafauna and performs with a shifting roster of friends, who make events, performances, and dinner parties. Currently, she is the producer and host of “You can’t win them all, ladies and gentlemen”, a live, travelling radio show exploring the insane neo­liberal demands that artists be everything to everyone. She went to art school twice, in Winnipeg and London.
Selina Väliheikki
Title: Curator of the Transitionnal Table 3
Exhibition title: Table of Contents
Year: April 2015
On the table: Ball of dust & exhibition booklet

Her work:
As a curator she is interested in small things, friendship and shared spaces. When Nathalie suggested that Selina should curate an exhibition the Transitional table, she was both terrified and excited. Terrified, because of all her doubts concerning curating. Excited, because of the possibility to take part and belong. Throughout the exhibition process she has been thinking and discussing the multiple meanings of the word ‘content’ together with Nathalie, Jenny and Erik. What is a table? What is having content? What is being content? Is content same as meaning? Is content contribution?

With a background in textile design, she has been searching for the red thread in curatorial practices and in life in general. She finds comfort in collectivity and is hence part of four collectives: Tekstiiliromu textile art collective, Nynnyt/Crybabies curatorial collective, Third Space and Let Them Eat Cake female dj collective. Her curatorial works include talks,commentaries, workshops and exhibitions both in private homes and public museums.

Erik Solin
Title: Waves of Discontent
Year: 2015
Technique: Book
On the table: Sculpture
Artist’s website: work:
Waves of Discontent is one in the list of things that define the value of its author’s life. It’s a memory of time well spent.Bio:
Temporary artist, who above all considers himself as a human being. He studies graphicdesign in Aalto University in Helsinki and works as an illustrator. Lately he has been troubled by the complexity of reality and puzzled by the subjectivity of time. Besides drawing pictures, he has been doing comics and experimenting with ceramics and writing. His works include two books, “Jäljet 1.­7.” (Traces 1.­7.) and “Harmaa” (Grey), which explore the borderlines of written and illustrated novels, and scrutinise what can be said with words and images.Nathalie Rias
Title: Coaching
Year: 2014­-2015
On the table: Tarot cards
Artist’s website: www.nathalie­rias.frHer work:
The artist offered five sessions of coaching to the curator, about what it is to be a curator between autumn 2014 and spring 2015.

French artist currently based in Helsinki. She is the initiator of the Transitional Table exhibition platform which is located in her flat in Helsinki. Her artistic mediums vary from writing to film and from installations to performance. She is interested in language and semantics, and investigates them through literary references and archives in order to reveal hidden meanings and to erase the frontiers between documentary and fiction. She has participated in various group exhibitions and in few research groups in Laboratoire d’Aubervilliers (Paris). She has made a book titled “Hypotheses” in interaction with artists, a philosopher and an art historian.