What can feminism do? pt. 2 – Experiments with the Memorial to Women in Times of War

For the second part of What can feminism do? nynnyt will conduct experiments with a public artwork in Helsinki that both disturbs and intrigues them. This artwork is a statue by artist Heikki Häiväoja, erected in Kallio, Helsinki in 1996 to commemorate the Finnish women of World War II. It is part of the collection of Helsinki Art Museum.

This part of the curatorial investigation on feminism and art takes place online and on the window of Third Space from 10th to 13th of May.
During it nynnyt will look for answers to some of these questions:

Who is the wartime woman? Who is the wartime man? What is the wartime gender?

What is the “threat” that sculpture is said to represent? What does the sculpture represent? How to discuss representation of the other/others in monuments and memorials?

What does it mean to commemorate? What’s the role of an artist when honouring someone? What’s the role of an artwork when honouring someone?

What should a wartime women’s memorial discuss and how? What is the “better future” of the sculpture?

You are welcomed to follow the experiments online, and/or to ask for more questions by contacting nynnyt here or by posting a comment in the Facebook event.