Experiment No. 5: a re-read

Experiment No. 5 A re-read

I don’t want to read you this fortune.
It’s not mine to read.

Maybe you have a voice and I’m just not hearing it.
Maybe I’m not listening.

I will read you something else.
Something I read today, which made me think of you.

nynnyt: What can feminism do? Experiment No. 5 with the Memorial to Women in Times of War: A re-read from Hanna Ohtonen on Vimeo.

​”We pass away. We all want to forget that we pass away. Yet – yet we are more real when we admit that all we ever do is try. The dinosaurs lived for three hundred million years and then, all of a sudden, they disappeared. We are all future dinosaurs. We live for three hundred million years, and then, all of a sudden, we entirely disappear. Entirely. That’s how we pass away. (—)
Who is able, who knows how, to be humble? I tend to think – but it’s a thought that I form with caution – that certain women might be close to humility, to the extent that they have had the experience of ‘going back to zero’. That passage that goes from zero to zero, from the infant to death.
I don’t know. I have trouble talking about ‘gender’, as they say. Clarise Lispector says sometimes, remembering vividly what one must never forget: what about turtles? I haven’t thought about turtles for at least ten years! I don’t mean to compare men to turtles, yet I have to cry: what about men? Obviously, they are unforgettable. But the problem, for us who are supposed to be women, is: how to talk about them? I shouldn’t talk about them. I shouldn’t talk about men. I can write, can love. But that’s another affair.”

Hélène Cixous: Stigmata. 1998, p. 56-57