part 12: ~in waves~ intensive residency of feminist curating

For curators & artists based in Finland and Sweden, 26th-30th of November 2018, organised in collaboration with Hanaholmen Culture Center

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~in waves~ intensive residency of feminist curating
For curators & artists based in Finland and Sweden, 26th-30th of November 2018, organised in collaboration with Hanaholmen Culture Center

Situating itself on the island of Hanasaari, the residency took flight from the notion of waves – waves, as Sara Ahmed(*) puts it, as both a movement that reaches outward through a series of motions and as something that needs to be built into a shelter. Waves can be the indefinite and the nonspecific, the in-between and the billowing. Waves can shape us and become a movement of change, but they can also be painful, they can also be painstaking, as they return to us, return us, make us return.

Together with invited guests and the participants of the residency, nynnyt wanted to think about the essence of waves in relation to both feminism and the curatorial, and to search for connections between questions that come from thinking of waves and those that come from daily practices of curating:

In the face of waves that precede us, how can we act and practice with consistency and renewal?

How to embrace the vague and endure the uncertain?

How can we build shared shelters on the grounds that are constantly shaken?

How to practice what we preach – how to build and not only represent?

If change is a wave wheting a stone, how can we stay with the wave?

*Sara Ahmed: Living a Feminist Life, 2017

Invited workshop hosts:
Helena Reckitt is a curator and researcher currently teaching at Goldsmiths University in London. Her projects focus on the overlapping realms of art, curating, feminism and sexual politics, affect & relationality; and curatorial education. Her research explores the undetonated potential of earlier moments of cultural and political radicalism, particularly those from the feminist and queer past. Having played a key role in defining, and arguing for the importance of, feminist and queer perspectives on art, theory and activism, recently Reckitt has focused on identifying feminisms that are under-represented within the Anglo-American canon.

Read-in (participating members: Hyunju Chung, Serena Lee)is a self-organized collective that experiments with the political, material, and physical implications of collective reading and the situatedness of any kind of reading activity. Recurring investigations include the legacy of feminist reading groups, reading aloud, the infectiousness of words, library and bookshelf research, reading (in) films, collective memorizing, (un-)disciplinary pedagogies and listening intonationally. Current members are Hyunju Chung, Svenja Engels, Annette Krauss, Serena Lee, Sanne Oorthuizen, Laura Pardo, Ying Que, and Marianna Takou.

Timimie Märak is a poet, feminist, indigenous person, Sami queer activist in constant evolution, etc. Their passion and activism is expressed through various art forms, poetry in the form of text and rhythmic speech, theatre and dance among others.

5 participants from Sweden and 5 from Finland were chosen through an open call (this was a requirement from the funding body of Hanaholmen, in order to promote exchange between the two countries).

List of participants:
Iliane Kiefer, curator
Konstmusiksystrar: Rosanna Gunnarsson, composer and sound artist
Konstmusiksystrar: Anna Jakobsson, artist-researcher, director and producer
Annabell Lee Chin, artist
Sonya Lindfors, choreographer & ad UrbanApa
Jemina Lindholm, artist and art educator
Carlota Mir, curator
Elham Rahmati, artist and curator
Johanna Tuukkanen, ad ANTI festival
Niko Wearden, artist and facilitator

The residency was opened with a semi-public meet and greet event, where we invited people working in Finland with feminism and curating to meet the workshop hosts and guests of the residency programme as well as others joining us, hoping that this could be a chance to form future relations and alliances, friendships and dialogues.

The evening included a performance from artists Anne Naukkarinen and Maarit Mustonen called WATER FALL 7.

One person sitting by the window on a inflatable chair in a swimming pool , while other epson is standing outside the window, looking in

The intensive residency was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland and the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation; Curatorial Residency in Stockholm, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Pro Artibus.

Anne Naukkarinen & Maarit Mustonen, WATER FALL 7 by Jakke Nikkarinen/Hanasaari